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Stone Descriptions

AGATE - attracts good fortune & balance

AMETHYST - love, sincerity & spiritual wisdom

AQUA MARINE - calms the nerves, offers peace & serenity

BONE - one of the first ancient styles of jewelry

BRONZITE - protextive & grounding, beneficial for masculine energy

CATS EYE - strong determination, ensures financial stability in business

COPPER SILVER - intuitive tranquility, nobility

CORAL - wards off disease, gives strength to meet challenges

CRYSTAL - healing qualities & beauty

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GARNET - consistency, stimulates business

HEMATITE - promotes healthy eyes & good sleep

HORN - good luck & fortune

BONE - one of the first ancient styles of jewelry

JADE - resourcfulness, wisdom & long life

JASPER - combats exhaustion & promotes weight loss

LAPIS LAZULI - protection, can make matters clear to the mind

LAVA ROCK - energy

MALACHITE - protector & balance in relationships

ONYX - self confidence, courage & determination

OPAL - emotional stability, amplifies positive emotions

PEARL - faith, charity & focus

PYRITE - healing qualities & energy shield, blocking negativity

SAPPHIRE - the realm of joy and hope

QUARTZ - healer of mind, body & soul

RUBY - symbol of friendship & love

TIGERS EYE - peaceful, courageous & financial stability

TOPAZ - stimulates the metabolism & promotes health

TURQUOISE - detoxification, romance & peace of mind

VERMEIL GOLD - success is forthcoming

April is Autism Awareness Month. Stay tuned for special offers and promotions.

Our own little Onyx Stone, Blake, was born in 2002 and as each of his layers are uncovered, we become more and more inspired to share all that he has taught us about the many paths of Autism. Through our continuing journey into his world, Blake has brought us to a new awareness and we want to share a glimpse into the ever changing colors of our rare gem.

Unique Urban Rocks is dedicated to enlightening the rocky path traveled with loved ones confronting Asthma and Autism. A portion of our sales will be donated towards A & A as a stepping stone towards education and awareness..

We already give a portion of our proceeds to Colored My Mind & Autism Speaks.